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 Thanks for visiting my website!

 My name is Kris Anderson, I am a Life Coach, Motivational,   Inspirational Speaker, and Author with a heart for helping   others. My goal is to transform your life by inspiring you to   think differently and showing you how you can design your   life to attain happiness and fulfillment. With the help of timely   messages, tips and strategies to get unstuck in life, I want to   show you how you can thrive personally and professionally.

 At I am focused on providing high quality, client centered services. As a result, a high percentage of my   business comes from repeat customers and referrals. By applying the practical takeaways from my services into your life, you can   rise above the challenges that you are facing in life.

 I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust. There are a variety of offerings to choose from. Look around my website and if you   have questions or comments feel free to contact me.

 I will do everything I can to make your experience a great one!


Often, we are racing so much to get things done we don’t think to ask if we are on the right road. If you don’t know what you hope to accomplish in life you may be taking the wrong road and investing your time and energy in activities that don’t satisfy you.

What's next? I'm working on two books. In one of my books, "Lessons in Living:  21 Stories That Can Move Mountains in Your Life", I share encouraging tips and strategies to help you get unstuck and enhance the quality of your life.   

If you would like to get on the wait list to receive a copy of my book for yourself, your friends or your loved ones I would be happy to talk with you further.

Check back later for updates to my website. There's more to come! 

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