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Life Coaching Services
Coaching is a partnership.  I work with my clients to clarify their wants, needs, goals, and desired outcomes.  As a coach, I walk alongside clients as they face fears, overcome barriers to success, and celebrate victories they achieve along the way. I help them stay focused, motivated, and accountable.

My clients may be at a crossroads in their lives or unsure of their future yet they are willing to do the work necessary to achieve desired results and sustain life-changing behaviors in their personal and professional lives. Life transformation takes place when clients are persistent, consistent, and focused.
My clients are self-motivated and typically already successful. Often times, they want to experience more enjoyment in their lives and see coaching as a valuable way to create new possibilities for their lives.

Coaching focuses on whole-life balance. Wherever a person is stuck in his/her life ultimately impacts one or more other areas of his/her life. Often, clients who are stuck do not realize this without the coach helping them discover it. If a coach helps a client excel in one area of his/her life yet neglects other areas, the coach is doing the client a disservice.
Primary Benefits of Coaching
Clients have the ability to create possibilities far beyond what they ever imagined possible. They are able to learn new skills, experience more fulfillment, and more life balance. Clients are able to get what they want much faster and more efficiently than if they tried to go it alone.
Closing the gap between where you are currently in your life and where you want to be takes time, energy and focus. Having an accountability partner who understands you, empowers you, asks you powerful questions to help you clarify your wants, and acts as a sounding board is one of the most gratifying experiences one could have.
Coaching Can Help You:
  • Excel in making transitions/major life changes
  • Develop/enhance personal and professional skills
  • Better solve problems
  • Increase performance and productivity
  • Achieve personal and professional goals
  • De clutter/organize your life
  • Create more life balance
  • Reduce stress
  • Achieve goals previously unattainable
  • Enhance relationships
  • Improve communication
  • Make better decisions
  • Get unstuck
  • Improve overall health and wellness
  • Increase confidence
  • Develop healthy boundaries
I have worked with and without my own coach/accountability partner on my journey to personal and professional fulfillment. I have found a noticeable and significant difference in having vs. not having a partner to walk alongside me as I faced my own doubts, explored uncharted territory, and experienced challenges and changes I had not been prepared for.  

I always knew my coach was waiting for my calls. She would give her full attention to what I said I wanted for my life and listened to my frustrations, fears, and sorrows, as well as, my hopes, dreams and ambitions. Coaching is a priceless gift that I would love for you to be able to experience, as well.    

Coaching vs. Therapy
Therapy focuses on the past; the general assumption is that clients have problems that need to be solved. Coaching is future focused. With coaching, clients are seen as whole and are capable of having a fulfilling life. 
In therapy clients see the therapist as the expert who has all the answers and techniques needed to help them fix their problems. With coaching, clients see the coach as an equal, one who supports their growth and effort to create a purposeful life.  And, the services they receive are optional, not required.    
While coaching is not therapy, the transferrable helping skills I bring to the coaching relationship, as a trained and experienced therapist, are extremely valuable in helping bring about positive change and growth in my clients' lives.
Ideal Client
An ideal client is one who is motivated to identify, clarify, and initiate change in his/her life, and future focused. He/she is committed to following through with plans established during coaching sessions and willing to take full responsibilities for outcomes. An ideal client is one who is also ready and able to commit to the coaching process for a minimum of six months without having regrets or suffering undue financial hardship.
Typical Session
Sessions are personalized, powerful, and practical. A special day and time for sessions is always reserved for the client. I may meet with my clients in person initially; however, coaching sessions are typically done by phone (the amount of time may vary). Busy adults appreciate this because they don't have to dress up or fight traffic to connect with me and unnecessary distractions can be avoided.  
Although my clients and I do not see each other we are able to enjoy rich and meaningful interactions via telephone.

My coach approach is caring yet direct. I am objective in helping clients stay on their path yet subjective in caring for them. My clients and I agree to always be honest with each other as transparency is an essential part of coaching.

During a typical session, clients set the agenda and are free to bring up anything they choose. They are able to bring up wants and wishes in all aspects of their lives from the immediate to distant future; the possibilities are endless. They share “wins” achieved and challenges they faced in between sessions.  Action steps toward goals may be identified and set in place. Opportunities for growth and skills building and/or discovery exercises may be explored. And, when appropriate, homework assignments are given.
How to Prepare for Sessions
Clients call me at their designated meeting time.  They are prepared to be coached in a quiet place free from distractions. Homework, if assigned, should be completed prior to the session. And, clients are prepared to discuss any challenges or setbacks and successes they experienced in between sessions.
Office Hours

Sessions are by appointment only.

Life Coaching is not yet covered by insurance.  Credit cards are accepted. 
Cancellation Policy

Clients are required to give 24-hour notice if they have to cancel or reschedule a coaching session. If an emergency arises, I will work around it; otherwise a missed session is not made up or refunded.
Is Coaching Right for You? 

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