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Inspirational Speeches and Lessons from True-to-Life Experiences


I have a vision and passion for developing people. I possess over eighteen years of human development and interpersonal relations experience. I am invested in my own personal and professional development and I’m a life-long learner. I love sharing knowledge and wisdom that I have gained in overcoming obstacles on my journey to becoming the person I was created to be.

Over the years, I have developed and taught numerous interactive programs for a variety of audiences, large and small. I am innovative and creative and strive to make learning a fun and memorable experience. The personal stories I share in my presentations give audience members a glimpse into my life and offer valuable life lessons they can apply to their own life.

What Audiences Say

"Several members of our audience commented that you were an excellent speaker. Again, thank you very much for an excellent presentation."

"Great stage presence, great eye contact, confident and poised."

"Kris is a thoughtful, empathetic and engaging speaker who draws from a variety of life experiences. Her delivery is smooth and deliberate and gives her audiences time to fully appreciate her clear and sincere message. Audiences large and small live in the moment as she makes personal and individual connections. Kris captivates her audiences and keeps their attention by entertaining, educating, and inspiring them."

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